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DaaS: If You Give the Customer a Cloud Desktop

30 Sep 2015 by Howard M Cohen

Customers who get a taste of what it’s like to enjoy the availability of services managed externally only want more. Adding additional services including fully unified communications provides customers with a complete computing, communications and collaboration offering set.

The cloud has changed the way many people think about computing. For years, Information Technology (IT) was thought of only as a cost center, a necessary investment requiring the addition of capital investments, costly staff and other resources. With the cloud, some of those capital investments were avoided, as well as some of the corresponding operating expenses.

With Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS), many IT service providers have succeeded in completely shifting the customer’s paradigm to the point where it is seen in the same way as telephone service. Someone comes in and installs the telephones, and you pick them up and get dial tone. With DaaS, you log onto your computer and do your work.

It’s easy to want more.

When customers find they can simply sign on and go, they start to want to go do more. Email and Web browsing are great. Now they want social networks and online fax.

When a customer discovers they can eliminate their phone bill for calls within the company by using online communications, they want online communications. And once they have audio, they want video. Once they have video, they want screen and application sharing. Then they need video conferencing.

Next, let’s build a file repository where we can manage all of our documents and let teams access and edit them simultaneously in groups to save time. Now that’s real collaboration.  Let’s be sure to build in version control with check-in, check-out capability.

  • The field sales team wants to build price quotes on their smartphones while they’re sitting in the customer’s office.
  • The service team wants to show their supervisors the site they’re working on using tablets with cameras.
  • The marketing team wants more data collected about customer behaviors during events.

The answer to all of these requests becomes a much easier, “Yes,” when all the company needs to do is request these services from you.

Eliminate selection.

Who each solution actually comes from becomes transparent when they’re all delivered by you over your own DaaS platform. Even if that DaaS platform is operated by an external provider, your customer sees you as their source — for everything.

This is the real potential of DaaS, and the strongest reason for you to embrace it into your service catalog. Make yourself the equivalent of the phone company to your customers. A single-source provider for all things IT. Once you deliver their desktop, you’re delivering their working world.

Remember that you don’t need to build a stitch of internal infrastructure to deliver DaaS and everything that goes with it. Your Insight IT service provider support representative can show you a host of DaaS-based solutions that you can sell and keep selling to each of your customers. Talk to us about it today by calling 1.800.INSIGHT.