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Did You Know You Can Track Your Orders?

20 Aug 2015 by Shay Moser
Did You Know You Can Track Your Orders

Getting the right devices in the hands of the right employees — with the right setup — is no small feat for most procurement departments. However, Insight’s procurement services simplify that process and support your entire IT lifecycle — from placing orders to tracking them and more.

To make sure you’re fully leveraging the capabilities of Insight’s procurement portal, we’re launching a series of short “Did You Know” videos. Did you know you can track any order you’ve placed with Insight through insight.com — even if the order wasn’t placed online? Insight’s procurement portal offers customized management of the products and prices specific to organizations that use it. They also get flexible permissions for custom access, visibility into customized and automated reports, and process integration for the most complete e-commerce solution in the industry. Interested? Request your free demo today.