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Increase Revenue and Reduce Costs With the Cloud

20 Aug 2015 by Howard M Cohen

There is no good reason why your applications shouldn’t be offered in the cloud. You may:

  • Think you lack the funds to build and operate your own cloud infrastructure.
  • Be concerned that network engineering is not your specialty; application development is.
  • Have no idea whether or not your applications are compatible with cloud delivery.
  • Be unsure how you’ll bill when your applications are delivered as a cloud service.

None of these presents a good reason for not moving your offerings to the cloud.

Cloud delivery offers tremendous advantages.

Imagine never having to worry about media production or packaging costs. Shipping costs  go away when you move to the cloud. This is true not only when a customer buys, but also every time you offer an upgrade or update.

Let’s explore that point further. Upgrades and updates can be distributed immediately upon successful completion of testing. No more making customers wait until the next distribution.

Think about how your business will improve as you analyze all of the usage data you collect from cloud-based customers. Who uses which features most often? What features go completely unused? What actions should you take? You can learn more than ever about how your customers use your software. You can be more responsive to their needs and drive higher customer satisfaction ratings than any competitor.

Then, start thinking about how good it will be to have a continuous cash flow without having to periodically sell your customers on new upgrades. Calculate how long it will take for your revenue from each cloud-delivered sale to exceed your current revenue per media sale. Start enjoying that new revenue in your pipeline right now.

Let’s take another look at your list of concerns:

Lacking the funds to build and operate your own cloud infrastructure

Don’t do it. Even if you have the funds, there’s just no reason to build your own cloud infrastructure and then operate it. Excellent public cloud services are available that deliver your software reliably at a reasonable cost.

You may have thought about co-locating or having your applications hosted. Before you start investing in either of those strategies, explore a public cloud. You’ll be surprised at how cost-effective it is.

Network engineering is not your specialty; application development is.

Exactly. Stay focused on your core business. That’s what your customers rate you on anyway: just how good your software is. Let cloud experts handle the cloud.

Are your applications compatible with cloud delivery?

They may be, or they may require some re-architecting and/or re-development. Excellent help is readily available to prepare your software for cloud delivery. This is not an obstacle.

Also remember that private hosting or co-location is no less expensive than on-premise operation. You’ll still establish and pay for a separate infrastructure for each customer. When it comes time to upgrade, update or patch, you’ll still have to visit each instance. Silos of private clouds are no better than separate servers for each customer.

How will you bill for your applications when they’re delivered as a cloud service?

Many strategies are available, from a monthly fixed fee to consumption-based billing, with many variations in between. All you need here is some consulting from experts who have done this many times before.

Gain insight.

If you’ve been wondering where you’ll find all of these resources, the simple answer is Insight. With cloud solutions, complete application architecture and development assistance, cloud operations consulting and support, Insight is the only partner you need on the road to increased revenue and reduced costs from cloud delivery of your applications.