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Buy and Manage on the New Insight.com

30 Jul 2015 by Insight Editor

Getting the best deal on IT solutions requires the right knowledge to find what you need. Insight.com’s new Buy and Manage sections allow you to easily apply the knowledge attained in the Learn and Solve sections, saving you both time and money.

We’ve revamped our search function and simplified our interface, making buying and managing IT solutions easier than ever. Create an account for access to customized solutions and streamlined purchasing.


The new Buy section is designed to give you access to the technology brands and products you trust.

Browse top technology brands, shop by product category or search for the services that help your business run smarter. Whatever you need, we’ve made the process of finding and purchasing a solution simple and fast.


The Manage section of insight.com is a customized purchasing portal unlike any other, offering free self-management tools and many additional features to help you organize your IT purchases.

Create your account and set up your preferences once to establish company standards. Make procurement a privilege — not an imposition — for your employees, with tools that streamline every step of the acquisition process.