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Learn and Solve on the New Insight.com

30 Jul 2015 by Insight Editor

Did you know that the average shopper consults more than 10 online resources before making a decision? We do, and we made sure our new website reflects that fact.

When we approached our recent website redesign, we considered ourselves average shoppers. How do we shop online? The near-unanimous answer was this: Research, find an appropriate solution, purchase what we need and take care of what we bought.

Simply put, we learn, solve, buy and manage.

We took this simple philosophy to heart with the new insight.com in creating an interface that makes sense for the way folks actually shop online. We feel like we’ve achieved that with our new Learn and Solve sections.

Our website delivers the most relevant information, from technology news to partner product details. It’s built from the ground up to cater to our clients’ greatest needs. One of those needs is knowledge.



The Learn section on insight.com is dedicated to keeping you informed on new and emerging technologies and evolving industry trends, with coverage that addresses applicable technology headlines.

Search through our articles, ebooks, datasheets, whitepapers and more by industry or topic. It’s simple to get in touch with a live human to have your most pressing questions answered immediately.


Need to improve office productivity? Is it time for an infrastructure upgrade?

Our new Solve section can help. After you’re armed with comprehensive research and information, you can find the technology solutions and services that fit your specific needs — searchable by industry or topic. Easily get in touch with an Insight specialist for even more answers.