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Windows 10: Top 10 Features

21 Jul 2015 by Shay Moser

Windows 10 has launched! Let's look at the improvements.

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1. The Start button is back. Windows 8 replaced the traditional desktop interface with live tiles and took out the Start button. Though Microsoft put the button back, customers still didn’t like the interface. The Windows 10 interface looks a lot like the favored Windows 7 one, with optional tiles on the Start screen. You can add live tiles or keep them hidden, depending on your preferences.
Tampilan Windows 10. The start button is back!!! :') http://t.co/JmWHYoaNvn · Dwika Putra
2. It’s the last operating system upgrade you'll ever need. Windows 10 includes a continuous series of upgrades performed automatically. “Windows looks more like a service than a traditional software version,” says Joe Benik, senior partner champion, product management for Insight U.S. “This will change the way customers interact with Windows, and ultimately with Microsoft.”
Like It Or Not, Windows 10 Home Gets Auto Updates As Windows Support Becomes Ongoing 'Service' http://t.co/d5AyshC0Hc http://t.co/v8AXMctHnb · WinBuzzer
3. It provides a consistent experience. Windows 10 is the first version of Windows that is built for all Windows devices — from tiny sensors, phones and mobile devices to PCs, laptops and massive wall-sized screens. The Operating System (OS) is the same, and users who are familiar with Windows 10 in one form factor will be familiar with Windows in all of them.
In advance of Windows 10, the newly redesigned store will let you find apps for all Windows devices as well as Xbox http://t.co/rLN2Z87cQF · Hitman RGN ❂
4. The Web browser is a lot faster. In addition to a new version of Internet Explorer (IE11), Microsoft is releasing Microsoft Edge, a modern, slimmed-down browser that loads and runs today's websites faster than ever, including pages that feature streaming of high-definition video. Look out, Google Chrome and FireFox.
5. The new deployment options are quick and easy. The traditional way for organizations to deploy Windows is by taking the device, wiping the current OS from the drive and replacing it with the new one. This “wipe and replace” process could be automated but is still expensive and time-consuming. With Windows 10, Microsoft has replaced the “wipe and replace” model with the Unattended In-Place Upgrade, which allows the system to be upgraded without wiping the current OS. The new process preserves data, user settings, applications and drivers, and can be handled quickly and simply, even for remote users.
"@stealthpuppy: Windows 10 deployment choices http://t.co/9UNFYR57dE" provisioning option will be really helpful for some use cases/customer · Heinrichsdobler
6. There are several new identity options. With Windows 10, Microsoft has increased support for multi-factor authentication (MFA), which allows users to log into their systems using methods other than traditional passwords. These new authentication tools are hardware-specific, but can include features such as thumbprints, gestures, eye-retinal scans and even facial recognition.
Here’s the list of PCs that support Windows 10’s facial recognition -http://t.co/BwWjLTeBkK http://t.co/LKaQPswXOb · edtorrez
7.It integrates Microsoft’s interactive tool, Cortana, into new devices. Like Siri, the Apple equivalent, Cortana finds information, answers questions, takes notes, sets reminders — all in a realistic, interactive way. Users can access Cortana by speaking or typing, “Hey, Cortana,” or by clicking on an “Ask Me Anything” search box next to the Start button.
#Microsoft Cortana for Android leaks in the run up to Windows 10 launch - #Tech2 http://t.co/7niDjXpzYl http://t.co/e3svrPlKyE · Windows 10 Info
8. The Snap Assist view is quadrupled. Windows 8 allows end users to work simultaneously on two screens, each snapped to opposite sides of the screen. Windows 10 extends this feature to four screens, snapped to each corner, each of which is fully interactive, without the user having to toggle among them.
@Windows 10 snap view. #wpc15 http://t.co/3ulpE2uRV8 · Corey Roth