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Hasta la Vista, Windows Server 2003

14 Jul 2015 by Shay Moser


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What do Arnold Schwarzenegger, the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Windows Server 2003 have in common? They all got a new start in 2003. Schwarzeneggar was elected Governor of California, DHS officially began operation as a stand-alone department and Microsoft released Windows Server 2003.
Since then, Schwarzeneggar has returned to Hollywood, DHS has been funded for the next fiscal year and, as you know, Microsoft has ended support for Windows Server 2003, effective today.
Read on to see what some of our partners are sharing to mark the end of service for Windows Server 2003, and watch this video about the Windows Server 2003 cloud solution:
End Of The Line: After Today Windows Server 2003 Is Unsupported http://t.co/81WOSvSjjk #WindowsServer2003 http://t.co/6QV27Ejgef · CRN
Haven't migrated from #WS2003? Stay protected before, during & after migration: http://t.co/t5c3fgymTB #WS2003EOL http://t.co/Mdsulxcex3 · Trend Micro
Microsoft pulls plug on #WindowsServer2003 support. What does this mean for your business? http://t.co/G40vIAINpR http://t.co/aKNssQpblM · SymantecUK
Service provider, education and healthcare industries are not the only ones that will be vulnerable to security and data breaches. Any organization that has not migrated off Windows Server 2003 puts their confidential business information and sensitive data at risk. There are no new patches to come for the operating system.
While Schwarzenegger's famous "I'll be back" quote is literal today as he stars in "Terminator Genisys," that won't be the case for Windows Server 2003. And although the upcoming funding for DHS is less than current funding levels, our homeland security missions can continue combatting cybersecurity, terrorism, and border, port and aviation security. Whereas, remaining on Windows Server 2003, means your business will be more exposed to security threats.
@HarkinsTheatres and the T-1000 getting along just fine so far! @Terminator http://t.co/fJAysGb2zP · Tara Hitchcock
Even though the Windows Server 2003 deadline is here, don't panic. Your entire system won't get terminated at the stroke of midnight. But don't delay in learning more from Microsoft's helpful guide or getting started on a plan to migrate your critical business information