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How Intelligent HR Makes a Difference

1 Jul 2015 by William Freed

In a recent post, we looked at the rise of intelligent technology in Human Resources (HR), noting that spending on HR technology will continue to increase — with 85% of executives planning to spend more in 2015 and beyond.


Leveraging intelligent technology in HR is just as powerful and important as it is across all other lines of your business — IT, procurement and supply chain. Applying intelligent technology means that easily understood data can help with business decision-making, and when it comes to HR, this means you can better manage your most important asset: your people.

Today’s era of new HR systems streamline and improve numerous tasks, from the complex to the mundane, while providing HR pros with the information they need to make better decisions each day. Ultimately, forward-looking HR systems can deliver improved quality of life and a better experience, as well as enhanced career outcomes — for your employees.

So, let’s take a deep dive into where intelligent technology is making a difference in the HR space, and what it can do for your company:

  • Payroll and benefits — As surprising as it may sound, companies are still onboarding new hires with paper processes in today’s world. By moving to online systems, this process can be made much faster, accurate and convenient for employees and their HR groups. Once an employee is onboarded, self-service HR portals allow constituents to come back and make changes as needed, without involving the time and effort of HR staff.
  • Training and compliance — In many industries, new hires are required to review and demonstrate their understanding of key safety, training and compliance materials. Instead of costly, time-consuming, in-person classes, this sort of training and testing can be offered online, allowing employees to obtain training more conveniently, while still ensuring the material is read and understood for policy and regulatory compliance.
  • Talent management — The most sophisticated HR systems are helping organizations manage the “best and brightest” for career success and satisfaction. A new era of human capital management tools provide far more than time tracking, payroll and expenses. In addition, they deliver executive dashboards that focus on the active practice of talent management and career pathing for key employees, leveraging data and analytics to identify, nurture and retain top performers within an organization.

Moving forward, HR will continue to leverage intelligent technology to make things better for employees and the organizations that serve them. Creative new approaches will be key, and look for HR to adopt and ultimately mainstream trends like the Internet of Things.

For example, a workplace wellness program in a state government agency issued personal fitness trackers to its team members, encouraging them to work toward their fitness goals, while having a potentially good impact on the agency’s health insurance premiums. This shows how applying intelligent technology to HR can be a win-win for employers and employees.

Here at Insight, we partnered with health management solution provider, LiveHealthier, to provide a robust website, new wellness activities, online and phone coaching, and more to employees, who have access to a portal where they can:

  • Find and participate in wellness activities that capture their interest, help them reach their health goals and reward them for completing their goals
  • Track their wellness behaviors and rewards
  • Leverage resources to enhance or maintain their health and wellbeing

By partnering with us, your company can look for areas to apply intelligent technology to its HR function, too, and deliver tools to make a more efficient and productive employee pool, while keeping a lid on costs and providing actionable decision-making capabilities your executives need.