Joining forces to tackle IT’s most pervasive problems

Strengthening key

With greater resources and a larger client base, together, we offer our partners an even stronger salesforce around the world.

More technical expertise
& resources

The integration of our consulting, technical and managed services offerings provide our combined clients access to deeper technical skills.

Additional breadth &
increased scale

We’ve significantly increased our business in Canada and added scale to our already strong United Kingdom and United States businesses.

Ken Lamneck head shot

“Together, we have a significant opportunity to help organizations leverage technology in a strategic manner by providing access to the right resources to architect, implement, manage and execute transformation initiatives from end to end.”

— Ken Lamneck, President and Chief Executive Officer, Insight

John Dathan head shot

“This is an ideal fit that creates more technology breadth and depth for our clients. ... Now, there’s no reason why we can’t help any business, across any industry, with their digital transformation needs.”

— John Dathan, senior vice president and general manager, Insight Canada

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